William Chris Vineyards

What began as an acquaintance as winemakers in the Hill Country became a collaboration between William “Bill” Blackmon and Chris Brundrett; one that’s based on a shared winemaking philosophy and a vision for what the Texas wine industry is capable of. Bill and Chris agree that great wines are not made, but grown in the vineyard. They also believe that wine should be inspired by the pleasure that is shared with an extended community of friends and family over a bottle. The creation of each new vintage depends greatly upon these two priorities.

Today, William Chris Vineyards continues to reach for a level of quality that represents the very best of Texas in each new vintage. It is with confidence in our process and pride in our team, community, and the special place we call home, that we inscribe each bottle of William Chris Vineyards wine with this greeting: We are pleased to share a piece of our world.

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