The “Queen of Acquittals”: Amber Vazquez Law

The Vazquez Law Firm

Office: 608 W 12th St, Austin, TX 78704

Phone: 512.220.8507

The Vazquez Law Firm was started in 2005 by Amber Vazquez. Amber’s inspiration to practice law can be traced back to a tumultuous event from her childhood. She saw firsthand how crushing the criminal justice system could be on a family, and not only the person against which it is applied. Amber’s senior year in high school, her best friend’s brother developed a crippling drug addiction that led to him getting arrested with a large amount of drugs. “He ended up going to federal prison, and it broke him in a way that I did not understand, and irreparably changed not only the course of his life, but their whole family,” explains Ms. Vazquez. “It was beyond devastating, and I wanted to make it better. I know I cannot save the world, but I have the opportunity to change one person’s life at a time.”   

Being a fifth generation Texan, mother of boys, and cancer survivor, Amber Vazquez has not only a “can-do”, but a “will-do” attitude. It is with this mindset that she attended the University of Texas for her undergraduate studies, and the University of Denver College of Law for law school. Amber later went back to UT Law (her third year) in order to participate in the Death Penalty Clinic. Currently, Amber is Board Certified from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Criminal Law, meaning she is a criminal defense specialist. “I love my job,” boasts Ms. Vazquez. “I get to do what lawyers do on TV every day.  I try the hardest cases in the hardest places all over Texas and around the country.  I have had the opportunity to solve 40-year-old cold cases and work on some of the most fascinating cases imaginable.”   

Since founding her law firm almost 20 years ago, Amber Vazquez now has two lawyers and an amazing office manager. Their offices are located in a historic house in downtown Austin, two blocks from the courthouse. Amber and her team have distinguished themselves by winning hard trials and getting the absolute best results possible, in every single case. Things have gone so well, Texas Monthly recently referred to Amber as the “Queen of Acquittals.” This is a designation that any defense attorney would kill to have, but few are worthy to carry.   

To earn her accolades, Attorney Vazquez has won trials for murder, attempted capital murder, aggravated assault, sexual assault of a child, burglary of a habitation, thefts, many driving while intoxicated(s), family violence assaults and drug possession cases. She was named a Super Lawyer in Texas Lawyer, won the Criminal Justice Award from the Travis County Women’s Bar, Best Criminal Defense Attorney by the Austin Bar Association, and was named one of the 20 Top “Winning Women in Texas.”  She also sits on the Judicial Committee and Police Oversight Committee for the City of Austin. Another area of service in which Amber Vazquez inserts herself is non-profit work and volunteering in her community. She also donates her time and expertise by taking cases pro bono on a regular basis.   

Amber Vazquez is an attorney who knows that the quality and preparation of the lawyers in trial could make a dramatic difference in people’s lives. She has seen how a vigorous defense could literally save a person’s life, and keep a family together. Amber Vazquez is well-deserving of the honor of defending the United States Constitution and the rights it affords us. MyAustinMagazine congratulates Amber Vazquez as being one of the Top Ten Best Lawyers of Austin, 2023.

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