Immigration Superhero: How Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch Fights for Justice

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Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch could easily be considered a maverick in the field of immigration law. Her inspiration is drawn from having represented a family of asylum seekers in a detention center as a law student. Bearing witness to a five-month-old baby who wore a prison uniform made her realize how broken our system actually is. After that experience, she dedicated her career to immigration law. Nothing was more important to her than pursuing the dignity of her clients, and to advocate for a better system here in America. To Kate, nothing is more fulfilling than watching a client pick up their first work permit, or get their green card, or winning their asylum case. She is eternally driven by the fact that the policies and anti-immigrant sentiment in our culture stops lawmakers from passing the legislation that we need. She is well aware that the American economy is driven, and even fortified by the efforts of migrant workers, especially those who are willing to become lawful citizens of the U.S.

“Restrictive and outdated laws are bad for all of us. The United States needs immigrants more than ever,” contends Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch. “The goal is to give our clients the best customer experience they can imagine. We want them to feel loved, cared for, respected, empowered, and informed during their time with us,” states Kate. “Of course, we want to achieve the ultimate outcome that they desire, but the goal is to make the journey there as easy and fast as possible.” Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch has represented a number of clients who were detained and set to be deported, and these were people who were not safe to return to their country. Getting those deportations stopped, last minute, can be lifesaving. Those wins; the relief felt by her clients and their families, definitely made a lasting impression on her.  

On the subject of families, as well as being a devoted attorney, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch is a devoted mother and wife. “Running a business and raising a family is a big, weighty, wild ride,”contends Kate. Concerning her efforts to carve out a work-life balance, she simply states, “I would choose it all over again.” Kate works closely with her husband as an attorney. She explains that the biggest benefit to working together is the message to her kids about living the life they want, doing fulfilling work together that supports their family. Kate also knows the importance of having smart and reliable people on your team. She prides herself on finding good people to join her in furtherance of a shared mission. “My team at the law firm is knowledgeable, devoted, and dedicated to our clients,” submits Kate. “It’s an honor to work together with them in the important and life changing work that we do.”

Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch has made it her life’s work to bring peace to immigrant families. Fighting against the unjust tide of outdated and biased policy and legislation, and catering to her clients empathetically, she is undoubtedly leaving her mark and making a true difference. Her relentless efforts have sparked change in the lives of unknown many, and has restored a sense of dignity and self-worth to those who need it most, in the most uncertain times of their lives. MyAustin Magazine salutes Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch as one of the Top Attorneys in Austin, and we wish her continued success in her mission.

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