Douglas O’Connell and Associates: A Battle-Tested Law Firm Focused on Results

Doug O’Connell & Associates 

Office: 505 W 12th St #200, Austin, Texas

Phone: 512.547.7265

In the world of litigation, one finds few attorneys as qualified as Douglas O’Connell. Doug (as he likes to be called) is a former Army Special Service operative and retired Colonel of the United States Army. This training has served Doug O’Connell and Associates extremely well, as they are accustomed to waging battle, whether the field of battle is a desert or a courtroom. 

Additionally, as a Special Forces Officer (Green Beret), the Army spent millions of dollars training Doug to wage unconventional warfare and asymmetrical campaigns. Doug and his team use these skills and mindset when battling against the government or powerful adversaries. “Our adversaries, including the government, have more money and resources, but we often can find a way to victory using unconventional strategies”, explains Doug O’Connell. “We believe action beats reaction and strive always to be on the offense in any case.” Doug O’Connell and Associates place their focus on criminal defense, military, and veteran’s issues as well as civil lawsuits, with Douglas O’Connell completing more than 100 jury trials in state and federal courts across multiple states. Of those jury trials, about two dozen of them have been in defense of clients under investigation for federal white-collar fraud, and all of them avoided criminal charges. The highest award they’ve received for a client in a civil case is $2.7 million dollars, and that’s nothing to shake a stick at. 

There are many factors to which one can attribute the firm’s success, however, none are as integral as the core values on which Douglas O’Connell and associates stand. “We believe in fighting for our clients and delivering extraordinary results. We love America, freedom, dogs, the outdoors, the Veteran community, and having fun,” states Doug. “We are passionate about our clients and fighting for justice. We’re grateful for Law Enforcement Officers and first responders. We value teamwork, integrity, initiative, and going the extra mile to accomplish the mission.” 

Doug considers attracting exceptional attorneys and team members to practice law with him as his greatest accomplishment. He highly values building a firm that’s committed to fighting for clients and delivering exceptional results. The attorneys who are hired by the firm are held to these standards and are willing, ready, and able to serve. They don’t care about the color of your skin, whom you love, what God you pray to, or how old you are. What they do expect out of their attorneys is to treat people well, to have an exemplary work ethic, and to thrive in their company culture. This translates to the best service that they could possibly provide. 

Being the straight shooter that he is, for those looking to hire an attorney of Mr. O’Connell’s caliber, he advises only this: “Results matter. You can always find a less expensive attorney.”   

Doug O’Connell is a man who has devoted his entire life to the service of others and has done so under the most extreme of circumstances at times. He prides himself on getting the job done regardless of the odds, and will not shy away when things get rough. If you need to go to battle, we couldn’t think of a better person to have with you in the trenches.

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